“The most knowledgeable yoga instructor.”

For the past 2 years, I have practiced yoga with 13 different instructors. However, out of all of them, Su Wong is the most knowledgeable yoga instructor because she incorporates the yoga philosophy, which includes focusing on the breath, meditation, the “now” moment, letting go of the past, terminology, etc. Su encourages all students to avoid competing and comparing themselves to each other during yoga practice, to have correct form, posture, and to perform at their maximum capability. You will not be disappointed with her yoga services.

— Aldo

“Unbelievable role-model.”

I am a very "intense" person by nature and being it is a slower-paced exercise, I used to think yoga wasn't worth my workout time. During college, I found that I NEED yoga as it helped me find peace of mind and allowed me to relax in between my long hours of study. Your class has taught me a deeper beauty of working-in rather than -out! The practice is so incredibly unique and I appreciate every second of it. Thank you for being an unbelievable role-model!

— Jessica

"I really enjoy your yoga class. I look forward to it every week. You teach with passion and encompass spirituality that makes it very enjoyable"



“Just wanted to say thanks.”

Just wanted to say thanks for the great energy you put into your yoga classes - your website says your goal is to inspire, and I'm definitely inspired


“Feeling younger.

This is first and foremost a thank you for your steady and challenging classes, even with my intermittent (or maybe because of it) schedule I notice my body changing with every “inner exploration”, opening up and becoming more supple, feeling younger.

— Alan


“Helped me to not carry extra stress.”

“My goal for yoga is to stop thinking during yoga. When I first began coming to yoga it was difficult to focus on the breath. But now I have definitely improved on listening to the breath and worrying about things that I should let go. Another goal is to make my body stronger. Yoga has definitely helped me to not carry extra stress outside of the Union City Sports Center, thank you, Su!” 


“Thanks for a great class!”

I just want to say thanks for a great class today.  More than any asana that we were doing, I appreciate what you said about how asana's are just a way to distract the mind, and the training comes from learning to control the mind to deal with the distractions.  I can't agree with you more.

— Will


"I love going to Su's class in Union City! She's very positive and encouraging and she makes sure she interacts with her students."

Teody Chanco


Loved by Students